Summer Project: ELITES


The brief over the summer was to come up with a concept for an animation and create a poster to promote it.

The ideas for narrative I developed for this began as simple as movement within (and without) negative space. Create a being who could traverse trough the dimensions of physical and ethereal (basically, new world through different art media).

This version tells a story built around choice and its paradoxical association to freedom. This character is part of a ‘higher’ level of being, and in this self glorification falls onto a great abuse of power and is therefore thrown from the ‘heavens’ to the lesser realms beneath.

Exiled from its homeland – this being is given a choice: Free to live eternity in isolation or a chance at atonement. He is told that if the lands below shine bright enough to capture the attention of the floating nations then they gate home may open.

Millennia of wandering the earthy islands lighting beacons to hail passage home, only to have something curious from an ocean of dead nothing.

The initial character designs for this creature began very different.

IMG_7968IMG_7983  IMG_7985 kvdsfvhsfjkshv

Eventually however, I found this characters design to convey a rather vivatious personality rather than something inherently corrupt – therefore was later changed into something more malevolent.

IMG_8333 IMG_8321 IMG_8327 IMG_8076 FullSizeRender IMG_8335


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