Life drawing. Class. 

It has to be said first of all that life drawing is one of my absolute favourite ways to wind myself up. Between the want of the perfect proportional representation and the very aspect of suggestion – its very easy to bounce around what you think and what you see.


The line of expression or motion is something I had perhaps done unintentionally on occasion but never focused upon (within reason; the very idea is not to be forced). This was a liberating exercise as nothing is actually demanded here and allowed me to observe how a character could be placed around this form before committing to a pose.


30 second and constructed forms. These are the most expressive forms and, I believe, best descriptive in weight. My previous experience with life drawing has allowed me to explore various techniques of recording forms – this made things interesting for me to try forget my current habits and try things out from scratch.FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender

The 1 minute+ drawings are more worked in and offer more in the application of depth. Although they seem to have lost some of the expressive dynamism of the quicker lines.

On a side note our life model was somewhat lacking in enthusiasm and gave less than articulate material to feast upon. But as he was a stand in at the last moment I applaud his choice to help us out.


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