Life Drawing. II.


Session two of life drawing began developing quick captures of gesture rather than form. I found this to be a good way to begin and release the assumptions of form.


The animation process demands a great deal of speed to record a gesture the viewer can understand consistently and in abundance. These 10 second linear posed proved a challenge at first as you assume the idea is to let go of the ‘formal’ construction techniques and describe the expression – especially when aiming to limit the amount of lines used in each drawing. Although I found myself heavily distorting the proportions on these quicker drawings, I found it an effective exercise working towards consistent drawings of the same form.


1 minute gestures focusing less on construction and more toward what can be seen.


Silhouette based charcoal drawings. Using a heavier medium allowed me to really limit the form into shapes with much more dynamic results. A well designed character can be identified by its shadow – I was pleasantly surprised how these speedy negatives could convey the same level of information regarding the characters intention. The soft charcoal also resulted in some transferred ghosting which I find adds a unique kind of movement between the expression.


skeletal based drawings – The goal was to describe what was happening inside the skin. Breaking the form into skeletal based shapes; disks, bones and ovals are shapes I often use out of habit. [inspired from studies by students of the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts]

IMG_8741  IMG_8759

10 minute poses to transcribe smoother dimensions and observe where contours of the body dictate shadow. I used a mixture of fine pencil and soft mark making to lift the figure out of the negative space.


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