Animation Proposal.

In the development of a 30 second experimental animation piece, I’ve been researching effective experimental techniques of animation; primarily stop motion.

Through the creative influences of experimental animation artist such as Norman McLaren and Steven Woloshen as well as the general techniques used in the early days of advertisement in film. The main focus for this film will feature film etching. I am eager to try this technique as the intrigue of not knowing how a composition is working until its done relinquishes some of the control and forces the artist to lead with the hand and not the eye. Some preliminary test reels of film marking have shown varied results when layering colour behind the transparent markings, further experiments of this kind will push for a more engaging aesthetic. This will make up the majority of the frames. I am also aiming to work into these frames and add transitions of paper cell animation depicting more recognisable shapes.


The film will not claim to any particular narrative other than the fantasy of movement. Subconscious recording of relative mark making is most effective use of such a permanent medium as film. However, the performance is to compose an expression to music – for this I’ve chosen Track5 Nils Frahm (though this may be likely to change as the tone of my animation develops). I will feature shape based spontaneity and typography; quotes influenced by the running theme of the unconscious awareness.


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