Box Jump.

Animation Principles test 3

[ Anticipation, Overlap, Stretch and Squash, Timing, weight, and spacing ]
Made with Toonboon Harmony.
This being my first real practice in Toonboom and this exercise really helped with getting familiar with the interface. I found the rate at producing frames and see the result in real time a much more efficient way of observing the principles of squash and stretch, anticipation, weight ect.. and they eye can easily see errors or places to push the pose further.

The Bounce loop video was worked over with a cleanup layer which, in contrast with the Jump loop, looked far more refined and fully formed.

However.. minor issues including holding frames, extending and adding frames between made the initial designs seem confused – this was resolved when Harmony decided to crash and I was forced to re-animated the jump from scratch. This version turned out much more expressive so the result is a happy one.


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