Double Take. V.

Toon Boom animation principles task – the double take.

In this exercise, we had to conjurer up the classic cartoon ‘double take’ using our little faceless friend to give an over the top performance. I found it interesting working out how to convey suggestions in 2D shapes – how do you get a flat circle to rotate? however, after some tinkering I figured less is more and you can allow to imagination to do most of the work for you. the slight suggestions are effective and the subtly gives the more outrageous moments more impact. Here I found seeing positions that required holding poses easier to work out in real time and extending the exposure of most keys makes the action less erratic – it can be saved for the minor elasticity in the characters actions. This particular exercise was rather fun to push as it required a splice of the previous tasks ; particularly anticipation, timing and squash and stretch.

As this is a classic in a tooners arsenal it demanded some working before gaining any hint of comedic effect. I find the most effective parts are where nothing is moving at all and the joke is in the moments before and after.

*Bonus for it being spooky spider season*

[Based upon true events]


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