Experimental/E4 Sting. Disco Tech Juliet.

These are my final video submissions for the Experimental animation / E4 sting.

E4 Sting. after some playing with the software I managed to figured out how to manipulate the orientations and duration of the video files. Tinkering with the composition of the elements within the film I had the idea of having the E4 logo being conjured by the hands – however getting the desired effect proved too difficult and the logo could be seen behind the hand. Making the hand bigger would cut some of the detail out of frame. Shrinking the logo would have made it too small to be an effective standalone feature. I cut the clip in have and composited the first half in front and the other behind the logo for the effect of depth.


Now this is the part I found most gruelling as I found myself without any previous experience of Premiere so thinking up the weird and wonderful was a far cry from actually achieving it. That is to say that I think this ultimately worked to my advantage; I grew more sympathetic of navigating the interface of many programs and how to utilise features across platforms. Still, each frame had to be individually composited and layered over three channels. It is the E4 sting that holds the strongest aesthetic and is ultimately far more engaging to the wandering mind. Therefore, the experimental animation’s developments certainly did the groundwork in fashioning a dynamic composition.


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