Life Drawing Cache

10 second multi pose. I’m quite fond of this part of the session as it works as a warm up to mark making. I found after this my drawing became more fluid , plus it creates a very engaging piece.


Charcoal studies using shadow to build a form. The idea was to work from the lightest cast and build layers creating depth of the form. The figure are angular and primitive compared to the line based drawings. However, blocking in with coal meant I could build a form much faster. With practice, these types of study could be improved with graphite rather than soft coal.


Straight line based figure drawings. It was interesting to work this way when the emphasis is that all movement is based around arks. The temptation to curve a line made this kind of aesthetic a challenge to create – though the end product is pleasingly reminiscent to the kind of forms found in Cubism.

Blocking a silhouette with coal. Concentrating on negative space to build a form was quite different when working out proportions. It proved easier than I expected – possibly due to the demand for commitment as I try not erase at all during a session if I can help it.

This is an amalgamation of the same figure drawn at many angles as the model walked around the room. In essence this is a layered walk cycle. It was a challenge to construct a gesture with it being so fleeting however to capture something at a glance improves the pace of drawing and animating in general.


This last piece is similar to that of the moving model test, however we assigned colours to each portion of the figure and recorded the form piece by piece. This was much more engaging as you where encouraged to focus on particular aspects of every moving part of the walk – noticing far more subtle movements.


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