Character set I. no really though


Shape based character colour designs – Set 1 > Featured

Elf – Small stature. Frill dress and hat influenced by lilies. Yellow eyes generally untrustworthy. Dark grey/purple skin connection to the mythic and arcane.

Dr.Bones – The Dr’s design is void of warmth. Floor length black hair frames the visually weaker space around her neck and acts as a typical villainous drape; the looming shadow. Ghoulish glowing eyes and small skull idols as line the upper robe. The robe itself is reminiscent to that of a surgical tunic with a tribal flavours.

Red Baron – Heavily flamboyant and aristocratic in a dapper suit. Articulated puffy collar framing his shoulders and head. Red cane with red Pyrope garnet (holds some form of magic). Red eye patch over left eye.

Pesticide – This creature is a familiar of Dr.Bones. Its predominantly influenced by the horses of the apocalypse with the suggestion of Frankenstein’s monster. This character is a creation of Dr.Bones and unconditionally loyal. Large frame with 4 arms (one set cannot be seen from the front). Though it doesn’t have a particular gender it can be referred to either male or female. is the tallest character.

Benson – Pale rabbit with simplified waistcoat. Painted red patch by honoured request of the Baron. Pale shirt. He is shoulder height to most humanoid characters however the length of his ears makes him roughly the same height as the Baron and Bones.

Troll – Small creature with enchanted mask. Wears crystal from the mountains around its neck. Different coloured gems dictate the personality of the troll.



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