3D. Occupying Red Castle

The final task of visual narrative is to create a 3D pre-visual animation along side the 2D storyboard animatic. I began with building the characters using my 2D character lineup as a reference which was crucial to setting proportions of each figure. Interestingly, converting the 2D designs to a 3D space showed up the limitless nature of 2D and its tendency to de-legitimise itself when the same principles of a form is applied to as 3D. For example; Pesticides hands seem to work for the 2D aesthetic however they are much larger on the model to balance this characters weight effectively to its heads – otherwise feeling too top heavy for my vision of this form.

I built a new set for each scene to first of all to lighten the amount of objects over one scene, allow me to break up the shots and render them out separately and it also meant i didn’t have the whole animation on one timeline. This acted as insurance in the event that a scene would be corrupted (which was inevitable in my case). Though I only built half of any set layout as I knew from the story board that only a fraction of a location is on camera at any given time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 17.18.41

Unfortunately, half way through filming the 3rd segment this particular set file corrupted which lead to some odd glitches. This called for the two main sets to be rebuilt.

There are no extreme changes to the sets other than strengthening the sets continuity and cleaning up lighting. Mental ray was also used as the render for these new shots, lighting and textures provided cleaner reflective behavior. I wanted the main hall to be lit by flame thus creating low soft light and darkness creeping from the distant corners of the room as a way of suggesting the following events of the script.

These scenes where wiped of progress I made from the 39 second mark (constructed first). These are preview shots of the new lighting and textures using mental ray that are used for the opening of the first scene. I like the new atmospheric adjustments to light placement and each of the characters is now fully grouped for posing.

Another recent improvement is the Dr’s hair. This is a key component in her design and character so I had to get it to work in the pre production. Instead of having it as a solid plane I cut it into 4 segments and modified their pivots making it pose-able.


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