Unit X. Research

This light installation by Harald Haraldsson uses geometric glass shapes to refract light in an interactive light show. PRISMA 1666 is named after and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s famous experiments in 1666 on the refraction of light through crystals. Light beams are projected into a space occupied by glass prisms which bend the light and create optical anomalies. His engineering skills allowed the audience to interact with the display and manipulate the beams.


Light is not random at all, however , the architecture of the environment are dictated by the infinite variable of chance – be it natural or synthetic.

Yayoi Kusama created this light installation that projects an illusion of infinity. hundreds of hanging lights in a room of mirrors is a simple construction but gives such a powerful representation of foreverness.


 I find this links greatly to space and our existence as a part of this incomprehensible amalgamation of stars, planets and the unknown. it almost leads into the concept of string theory in seeing infinite representations of yourself displaced throughout space and time and refracted visual entity outside of our head and in front of us.

 Peter Erskine held similar experimental installations with lazer-cut prisms that project rainbows in existing modern and historical architecture called ‘Secrets of the Sun’ / ‘S.O.S.’


Erskine’s concept is built upon 3 ‘BIG IDEAS’:

  1. Sunlight is Energy.
  2. All Life is Solar-Powered.
  3. Everything is Connected to Everything Else.

‘S.O.S’ is a reminder that the world and everything in it is powered by the sun, our future is only sustainable with the natural powers ; most important being solar. This project uses such simple ingenuity and remains so vastly complex in the discussions it raises. Light is the spectrum of which the human eye can see and this is simply the way it is and is never considered or appreciated in any way other than aesthetically; fashion, art, material product design e.c.t. Literally breaking down beams of the sun into its physical formula of separate colour and using it to ‘paint’ a space signifies the fact that everything is made of other components, that exists because of something else, sustained by something else, food for something else, works with something else; every thing is informed by a million billion variables. And it is this infinitude that brought me to the idea to use glass/ clear mineral to displace an image, film or performance and invent something absolutely unique in space and time.

These three installations particularly interest me in that they all demanded a huge amount of collaboration with other experts in technological and physical disciplines, but also that of those willing to allow these artists to communicate directly to the people by way of experience and presenting in a public space. It shows the openness that the fundamental nature of expression is the act of communicating an idea.

In a group discussion, we decided to investigate glass blowing. We plan to create a variation of shapes and explore how light would act when projected through them. It would also be worth experimenting with reflective material as well. Were as the light sources could vary between real and abstract film/images.


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