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Digital Animation as Stream of Consciousness

Session 1 Test 1. Adobe Flash Professional

This version of Adobe Flash took some getting used to but ultimately, it showed proved to be a very efficient drawn animation tool. This way of animating is one that I could pour hours into and come out with surreal or narrative based films. I plan to use this method as the base for my projection animation that could later be modified using other programs and techniques.

Digital Cut Out Animation

Session 1 Test 1. Adobe Flash Professional

I have had an interest in cut-out animation for years and am a big fan of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam’s work. Trying his way of physical cut-outs works great with the practice but was very tedious to attempt anything elaborate. It seems Gilliam knew this technique is best used in comedic shorts – and knew it well. To use the same principles in a digital medium allowed so much more creative freedom and efficient production. It was fun to take random objects and build quick obscure narratives (or lack of), it leaves enough to the viewer to draw conclusions before being turned on its head. I see this as a useful skill to incorporate into surreal animations and get quick results.


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