Process and Practice. 3D Blocking videos

Our first term return project is to develop the skills of portraying life and a strong performance. Key discussion points for injecting life into paint/pixels/armatures is fundamentally to make them ‘appear’ to feel. humans are capable to sympathies with anything if it seems as though it can experience and respond the way we do – be it an object, creature or vegetable. Our discussions illuminated that the message is much less in the dialogue but rather performed in how someone will act when saying it. As a species that learns and lives through storytelling, subtext is a key element of what makes up human communication.

I opted for 3D as my medium early on as I enjoyed the experience of the Red Baron project and found it fulfilling to taste what is possible for future world building and character modelling projects. I also believe I might have gotten too bogged down in the detail of illustrating the character rather than its acting capabilities – I’d like to just focus on the action for this part and work on the character aesthetics in future projects.

Henry is the model I will be using for this scene. (


Overall the model has gotten easier to manipulate the more I familiarised myself with the rig. With practice and playing through reference videos, I could reflect on some early poses to either push them, bring them back or change them completely to shift the tone of this characters attitude.

I built the set to mimic an environment I which the character is interrogated – the cube is placed to give him something to talk to. I plan to animate a second character in its place once I am happy with the primary performance (and given time).

Video compilation of the progress in blocking out the poses without curves.

Facial animation with this rig took some trial and error but was very fun to play with.


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