Beauty Shot Trials. Vol 1

Beginning with an idea of what kind of image we wanted for our source we compile a few artists and projects that could influence the direction of our designs.

Image result for beksinski

This is one of Beksinski’s portal paintings. I love how this works as interesting physical architecture and encourages you in an attempt to build the geometry to then find it is impossible. As a group are working of developing something that gives us pieces of a story with an element of the bizarre.

Milly’s stage designs

My value tests to get composition ideas.


build the scene so far…

Ideas we have discussed about texturing and lighting have been interesting when working out how to stylize the scene effectively with the geometric architecture. Keeping the design fairly clean-cut also has made navigating the UV far more efficient.

In a texturing and lighting tutorial we looked at the X material for mental ray. This has presets that recreate very sharp reflective textures that seem perfect for blending to create a range of gems. The ability to mix these effects resulted in some very interesting reflective surfaces and mimicked precious gems very well.

Early conversations about some of the featured in our scene were to have the gems pulse with light. The results of early tests have been difficult to get any kind of effective refraction and this is the closest I have gotten to a glowing gem:

With some direction from my group, I made some assets to populate a dark ceremonial cavern with evidence of a long buried tomb.

cave concept02.png

The altar has also taken on a few design styles – here are the early builds. We felt this was a little too sharp and over cumbersome to the scene. An altar is often more refined and I then looked to Mayan and Aztec architecture for some ideas for cleaner geometry.

Here is the process of building a creature skull and some sacrificial tools.

The creature skull developed into a major idea for the furniture of the scene – i built another creature and added some bones to frame the altar with large imposing idols that allow the audience to conjure up some beasts that may exist in this world.

Using some tutorials I worked out how to use a 3D fluid node and created fire for the burner on the table.

Currently, I hope to get some effective light beams using a volume box and light fog.


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