Post production 1. Phase Maya

I begin with building a radio and a Hot air balloon in Maya using basic primitives. the challenge I faced with this was what to base the texture of the balloon on. Conventional balloon material is assembled with segmented Nylon or Dacron (a polyester) but lighting that kind of ribbed material would be difficult without having it rendered within its intended environment. Having the whole scene be set in a snowy mountainous environment would allow for basic global ambient light that I can  easily colour correct in Nuke. The balloon print also went through some variations before coming to a ‘Grimms fairy tales meets the carnival’ vibe. I drew up a few colour variations in Photoshop before deciding on black and red inspired by Kim Newman’s ‘Anno Dracula’.


The radio was modelled after a 70s style transistor  as I intended to hint at a time period. I also applied a bump map to it to make it appear cracked and dirty but I ended up having to delete it along with most other texture maps in the final cut as it took far too much time to render especially on something that could be addressed later on in nuke.


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