Pitch evaluation

For our pitch project we were asked to design and develop a concept and scrip for a TV show, short film, documentary or feature film. We must research the layout and structure of a successful bible and create a pitch to present to a potential buyer of the idea.

For my pitch I began looking at old folklore to collect possible narratives and get a feel for how the story could be told to an audience. Searching around, I uncovered some interesting historic influences to include and adapt while assembling a new universe.

I originally intended the setting to be predominantly barren and snow covered, however, upon experimental designs this meant the landscapes were limited and very boring no matter how stylised I tried to make it. This was frustrating but I called upon some previous research on mountainous villages. Nepal is a country I have studied in the past that is rich with history and folklore based around rural living and unique landscape. As a result many of my research and designs have developed into more colourful aesthetics.

The village scenes in particular have changed the most over the design period, as there is far more greenery involved and the buildings are more developed. Over time, I have expanded the presence of politics within the story’s lore and this has led to deeper character arcs and more realistic relationships being established between the characters.

I enjoyed coming up with diverse character designs while developing a style that is appropriate to exist realistically in that environment. I found that using block colour was far more effective at quickly producing new compositions and colour palettes. I’ve used this on past projects but I tried to experiment further with warping and shade detailing. I feel I got more confident with the more trial and error illustrations and found that adding paper textures adds to the storybook aesthetic and reflects the raw materials that would be from that world.

As the story develops I found deeper meanings and narrative routs began to take the story to a much more serious tone and I feel it would have alienated some of the younger audience. I removed some of the darker material and only used suggestion for the viewer to think about.

I believe my idea could be expanded into a TV or internet series but my intention for the moment is to explore this as a short film and I can see growing potential with every new detail and character trait that appears along the creative process.

I see this having good marketability if it was to be created for cartoon network or a similar client with it being heavily stylised- many of the characters hold appeal to merchandising. Although 2D projects are getting some attention, 3D children’s shows are far more popular with what networks seem to be looking out for.

I ran out of time before I could explain the intention of this as a product during the presentation. In it current state, I intend this to be potentially shown at animation and film festivals. I could have gone into greater detail on what medium I prefer to develop this concept but even now I am working through some trials of building effective rigs in both 2D and 3D to compare. If possible, I will  blend both to achieve a semi block painted environment to cause the film to look like a painting or illustrated book.

To expand on this project I plan to begin building the characters and the environments within Maya and even I physical sculpture. I thoroughly enjoyed building this world and hope to continue working on it, given time I could have done far more to experiment with the visuals. Transferring these designs into a 3D medium will give me plenty of insight into how achievable this could be to develop for a third year project.


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