Her clothes are made entirely from the resources in and around the village. A mixture of animal furs and tree bark are meticulously woven and dyed in a ceremonial process that welcomes younger members of the tribe into more prominent ranks. Her clothing is light for manual labour and loose around the waist for long walking and running. Each of her tribe wears a red string in their hair as it is a mark of protection and duty. She is mostly a farmer who works with harvesting crops but is training to be a guard of the Kyr.

She is loyal to the teachings of the tribe leaders but is skeptical and is beginning to suspect them of keeping secrets.

Her ambitions are to quell allegations against her family and find out what happened to her father.

She is very close to her mother and was taught to hunt and defend by her father at a younger age.

She works hard at her tasks but finds it hard to let go of her bad moods. She has a harsh sense of humour normally but is more playful around her family.

She gets along with her peers but has a hard time connecting with them. She is more independent as a result and enjoys her own company.

Her best friend is a small herd dog called Benni.

She loves playing card games.

  • Age: 16
  • Lives in Okahn Village.
  • Father (missing) was a hunter and one of the lead herders of the Kyr.
  • Mother is a Farmer
  • Only child

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