Post Production – Red Baron. Character phase I 


Post Production character designs. This post will be the VERY raw early development and workings behind each character during their design. Most look rather different to the final product.

Magikville Minions   – These designs are various shapes and sizes to create diversity in the residence. Although they’re called ‘minions’ they don’t appear in the script. This leads be to believe they are the occupants of Magikville and thus are designed with anonymity. A feature I incorporate is that they all wear masks in a cultural trait. Like the beginning of most other character designs, they’re primarily shape based. I like the contrast in characteristics and the more I designed, the more I could develop them.

Benson – Though this character gives me a single line to work with, he seems to be a familiar of the Baron,as he feels he needs to warn the Red Baron in his blindness to potential danger. This was a rather impulsive design based around a butler based attire. I also believe he should act as a balance to the Baron personality wise; Benson is rather perceptive and adept his service. The Baron is more impulsive and leaps before he looks.

Toy Soldiers – As they play a rather potent role in the script, it was easier to decide the conventions of their aesthetic. They are delivered to the baron in a sack so they must be small. They are strong enough to drag the Baron (one of the taller characters) from his bed. The structure will remain basic relatively square proportions that I can easily wrap armour designs around – suggesting strength and unity. As for the soldiers themselves – my thought is that medieval themes effectively compliment the links to magic and enchantment that I aim to base this universe around.

Elf – Though the elf doesn’t have any lines in the scrip, it appears carrying ‘killer daisies’. this leads me to assume a mystic character with links to alchemy and nature. thus she has witch like features and a obvious connection to the forest; even incorporating it into her attire.

The Red Baron – His design has been a challenge to fix features upon that define him as one of the primary characters. Although, to me, he seems to be somewhat shallow, abusive of his power and whimsical – he must represent the higher vs lower class issues in society. But perhaps also the undesired flawed nature of human greed that we may sometimes see in ourselves so he must be ultimately relatable. He began very different in his first incarnation. But I found this to be the preliminary generic assumption of a demanding figure in power he perhaps does not deserve. Instead of having very Elizabethan clothing, his theme is brought into a modern aristocratic suit with very flamboyant features – reflecting a heavy presence of narcissism.

First Baron Incarnation

Troll – the trolls began as very large and animalistic in anatomy. However they are very much sentient early in the script and from the designs below, you can probably see why their anatomy had to change so drastically. They seem to be some of the more innocent and endearing creatures of this current universe with no alternate agenda. that is to say they are short round and fluffy individuals that take on the spiritual purity in animals.


Dr.Bones – (Earliest Base Development) All of these designs were scrapped due to them being far to generic and stereo typical towards the ‘bad guy’ – in this case he bares resemblance to one of the ultimate baddies, Skeletor. (now ive pointed it out it cannot be unseen).


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